Hele Lepik

Ants Laikmaa Museum

The home of an artist with a colorful life

In the Ants Laikmaa Museum, located in the village of Kadarpiku in Lääne County, visitors can learn about the life and work of one of the most colorful personalities in the history of Estonian art. The museum is located in a unique National Romantic style building designed by the artist himself.

Ants Laikmaa (1866−1942) was known as a portraitist and landscape artist whose favorite technique was pastel. In 1917, Laikmaa started building his home in Kadarpiku village at Tammiku farm. This later resulted in the closure of his studio school in Tallinn when he moved to his house in 1932.

The house museum was opened in 1960 and includes the artist’s studio as well as working and living premises. A beautiful park and the artist’s final resting place are part of the museum complex.