The Värska Farm Museum

A gate to the springs of Seto culture opens in Värska

The Värska Farm Museum and the tsäimaja (a tea house) offers a great opportunity to get to know Seto culture. The architecture of the Seto farm is mostly characterized by large, closed gates behind which a stranger cannot easily see. But with the help of the museum, these gates can be pushed wide open and the tour through the treasures of Seto culture can begin.

In the Värska Farm Museum, you can learn about the life of a Seto family 100 years ago. Stepping through the large Seto gates, you will find yourself in the courtyard of the fortified farm of a rich Seto family at the beginning of the 20th century. A smokehouse, dwelling house, clothing, food and grain barns, a livestock barn, hayloft, farmer’s workshop, threshing, blacksmith shop, and a pot workshop are waiting to be discovered.

There are different exhibitions in the cold barn, and the clothing and grain barns during the summer. Children will be delighted by the farm animals, and there is also a heritage garden.

The biggest handicraft shop in Setomaa is open in the threshing house.