Autor: Kaspar Poll

Palmse Manor

The history of Estonian manors comes alive here!

Palmse Manor is located in the heart of Lahemaa National Park. While visiting, you can admire a typical manor interior reflecting the 18th and 19th centuries, and enjoy the beautifully designed park behind the manor.

Palmse was the first manor in Estonia that was restored along with all the buildings that belonged to the central manor complex. The most remarkable building is a two-story Baroque manor, which was the home of the Baltic German von der Pahlen family.

Behind the manor, visitors can walk the French park, which was restored according to drawings from 1753. It consists of a regular garden, a landscape park, and a park forest. You can also enjoy a romantic boat ride on the pond.

One of the most beautiful buildings of the Palmse manor ensemble is the greenhouse. In addition to a variety of plants, you can see exotic birds and fish there. While in the manor’s forge, you can see the work of a blacksmith and try it yourself as well.