The Vormsi Farm Museum

The Vormsi Farm Museum – the heart of Vormsi Swedes

Vormsi Island has a unique history as for centuries it was mainly Swedes who lived there. In the Vormsi Farm Museum, you can learn about the daily lives and history of the Vormsi Swedes.

The Pearse Farm (Pearsgården), where the museum is located, is a typical pre-World War II farm of the Vormsi Swedes. It was restored with the help of old photographs and written sources and according to the memories of old Vormsians who fled to Sweden from the war.

You can see authentically renovated buildings with thatched roofs, a large number of household items and clothing, as well as photo exhibitions from the life of Vormsi and coastal Swedes. Some daily items and necessities were quite different in the isolated culture of the island from the items that were typical on the mainland, for example: Vormsi clothing, beehives, and carrying poles. The pearl of the museum, the traditional smoke sauna, is still working and is often heated up on Saturdays.

The museum sells Vormsi handicrafts, souvenirs, and books about the island.