General Reek’s House

War and resort history meet in Värska

The newest Setomaa Museum exhibition, opened in 2020, is located in the village of Värska, on the shore of lake Õrsava – General Reek’s summer house.

General Nikolai Reek can be called one of the most meritorious persons in Estonian military history, next to General Johan Laidoner, and the founder of Estonian military education. Reek is connected to Värska through the defense forces summer training center, which was established on his initiative.

The exposition of General Reek’s house connects the themes of the training camp and Värska as a resort area. It provides an overview of the events of the War of Independence and the use of medicinal mud and mineral water in the resort.

The exhibition offers much for adults keen in history as well as for families with children. There is a picnic area on the grounds of General Reek’s house, and it is possible to rent a boat, bicycles, water bikes, and skates. There is a parking space for caravans by the house.