The Viimsi Open Air Museum

Experience the authentic life of coastal people

You will learn about the life and culture of coastal peoples in the Viimsi Open Air Museum, located on a picturesque coast of the Northern Estonia. You can take part in the daily activities of the villagers, sailing trips, moments of rest, celebrations, market days, and holiday customs throughout the year.

The main part of the more than 150-year-old farm complex is Kingu, the historic coastal farm, the oldest building of which is a threshing house built in the 1820s. All visitors are greeted by the museum’s small flock of sheep, whose woolen products are also on sale in the museum shop. Children can have fun in the swinging area of the open-air museum.

The coast and the historic coastal village milieu offer breathtaking views and memorable moments, including a view of Tallinn, with its famous silhouette.

The Viimsi Open Air Museum is under national protection as a cultural heritage site.