Fantasy gets wings in Pokuland!

Pokuland is a theme park based on the main characters of the artist Edgar Valter’s book ‘Pokuraamat.’ The natural prototypes of the Pokus are boulders.

Visitors are greeted into the world of Pokus by the visitor center Pokukoda, resembling a twin Poku, offering surprises with unique stairs, passages, and interior design details. Inside Pokukoda you can see Edgar Valter’s original illustrations and oil paintings, explore his work, and craft their own Pokus.

Padasoomäe, Hauka Farmstead, and hiking trails invite visitors into the fairytale-like forest. There, they can hike along adventure trails and plant learning paths. The old farmsteads offer a glimpse into historic buildings (cottages, barns, smoke sauna, forest granary), and along the forest paths and elsewhere, one can find charming wooden sculptures and landscape art.