Betti-Alveri- Muuseum-majamuuseum-Jõgeval

The Betti Alver Museum

The two from Jõgeva who wrote themselves into the hearts of Estonians

The Betti Alver Museum presents the life and legacy of two eminent persons native to Jõgeva – born in different eras, but equally loved by all Estonians – the poetess Betti Alver, and the composer Alo Mattiisen.

The Betti Alver exhibition provides an overview, in texts and photographs, of her childhood in Jõgeva, her development into a well-known poet, her work and her importance in Estonian culture. It also reflects the poetess’s fate during the tragic events in the 1940s that affected the entire Estonian nation.

Composer Alo Mattiisen’s life was sadly short, but he left an extremely important mark on Estonian history. The Singing Revolution, which started with the performance of Alo Mattiisen’s patriotic songs, led to Estonia’s freedom from Soviet occupation and the regaining of independence. You can watch music videos and a film about him, as well as viewing a collection of photos.

The Betti Alver Museum also collects and preserves historical materials about the city of Jõgeva. About a dozen art exhibitions are organized in the museum every year.

The museum is located in one of the oldest buildings of Jõgeva, the historic residence of railway men. The house has been thoroughly renovated and adapted into a modern museum.