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The Museum Card is a pass that allows you unlimited visits to over 100 museums and 500 exhibitions for a full year!

Buy a Museum Card for yourself!

✓ Unlimited visits
✓ On average, for 5 € a month
✓ Valid 12 months from the first visit

59.99 €

Buy a Museum Card as a gift!

✓ Perfect gift for anyone
✓ Valid 12 months from the first visit
✓ Digital version arrives in seconds

59.99 €

A Museum Card in a gift envelope

If you want to give a special gift, buy a Museum Card in a gift envelope. Seda müüvad mitmed muuseumipoed üle Eesti. It is sold in several museum shops across Estonia.

Inimesed muuseumis

Group order

If you want to buy Museum Cards for a bigger group, please fill out the group order form.

    Frequently asked questions

    The most convenient place to buy a Museum Card is right here on our website.

    If you would like to buy in on-spot, please go to Seaplane Harbour (in Tallinn), Estonian National Museum (in Tartu) or Museum of New Art (in Pärnu).

    There is no plastic card for the Museum Card – we are doing our part to save the environment. The Museum Card is digital and has a QR code. You can add it to your phone’s digital wallet, print it out, or present it from your inbox.

    Please show your digital Museum Card and QR code or your personal ID at the museum’s ticket office, then go and enjoy the exhibitions!

    The Museum Card costs 59.99 euros. We recommend joining our newsletter to enjoy Museum Card special offers.

    The Museum Card is valid for one year. The calculation starts from the first museum visit, but no later than 180 days after the purchase of the card.

    A Museum Card that is received as a gift will also become valid from the first museum visit, but it may be activated until the expiry date indicated on the card.

    Go to the page “Buy a Museum Card” and select “Buy a Museum Card as a gift”. You will receive a digital gift card with a code that the recipient of the gift should use to activate their Museum Card.

    You can also buy a Museum Card in a gift envelope from selected museum shops across Estonia.

    In order to activate the Museum Card, you need to go to our website muuseumikaart.ee/start and insert your contact details and gift card number. After that, we will send a digital Museum Card and QR code to your email address.

    For a group order, please contact us info@muuseumikaart.ee.

    The Museum Card is related to the cardholder’s personal ID, so no one else can use your card. The museum has the right to verify the identity of the visitor.

    If you can’t find your Museum Card, please contact us info@muuseumikaart.ee.

    If you have entered a correct personal identification code, ticket office can check your Museum Card validity. Please note that if your ID does not include personal identification code, this option is not available.

    Currently, a Museum Card can only be purchased individually for each person.

    The Museum Card costs the same for everyone. Many museums have free entry for children under 8 years old.

    Check your spam folder first. If it’s not there either, please write us at info@muuseumikaart.ee and we will send it to you again. If you have an personal identification number and have entered it correctly when buying a Museum Card, museum can also verify your Museum Card’s validity based on your ID.