Mihkli talumuuseum

The Mihkli Farm Museum in Hiiumaa

Time travel to farm life as it was 200 years ago

The Mihkli Farm Museum awaits you in Malvaste village on the Tahkuna peninsula in Hiiumaa. The buildings and farmyard take you on a journey through time and offer the opportunity to explore a living environment that has remained unchanged for almost 200 years.

The Mihkli Farm Museum is an excellent example of the rural architecture of the northern part of the island. Most of the buildings date from the 19th century, and you can familiarize yourself with local building practices and objects used in the household.

Until the expulsion of the Swedes from Hiiumaa in 1781, the Mihkli farm was inhabited by Hiiu Swedes. The last dwellers left the farm in 1987, after which it was turned into a museum.