Valga Muuseum (Foto Margit Behrsin)

The Valga Museum

A museum with a spark! 

In the Valga Museum, you can get acquainted with the nature, history, and culture of Valga city and county from ancient times to the present day. The museum is located in the historical building of the Säde Society, built in 1911.

The permanent exhibition of the Valga Museum presents the history of Valga city and the county from ancient times to the 20th century. In the nature hall, you can see Estonian animals and birds, a wolf’s den, the nearby Helme cave, and more. In the hall of ancient times, you can get acquainted with the old fortress and many antiquities found in Valga County. Part of the permanent exhibition is also dedicated to daily life during the Soviet era.

Exhibitions include various models and wax figures and are enriched with music. For example, visitors can see the train model dedicated to the arrival of the first train from Tartu to Valga. The museum also has wax figures of Alfred Neuland, the first Estonian Olympic champion, and Johannes Märtson, the first Estonian mayor.

In addition, the Valga Museum hosts several art exhibitions every year.