The Kassari Museum House

The primal elements lead to the footsteps of the native people

The Kassari Museum House, a branch of the Hiiumaa Museums, introduces the daily work and activities of inhabitants of Hiiumaa, and the heritage of the natives of the island who lived in harmony with nature through the four primal elements.

The permanent exhibition, Life on the island. Fire, water, air, earth, is located in the limestone mansion of the Kassari manor. Past and present are not placed on the timeline, but the rooms of the museum building are divided into the four primal elements, and the objects and stories of the exhibition focus on the simple but important skills, knowledge, and experiences of the island’s native people.

The natives have lived on their island together with the surrounding sea for millennia. They have had their own dialogue with nature, which was passed down from generation to generation and became the cultural heritage of Hiiumaa. Hiiumaa, together with the other islands of Western Estonia, belongs to the UNESCO program Man and the Biosphere. This means that the traditional interaction between nature and man is valued and preserved through education, culture, and science.

There is also a souvenir and book shop in the Kassari Museum House, where you can find a wide selection of authentic Hiiumaa handicrafts, souvenirs, and books.