The Red Tower

360-degree history

A small but innovative visitor center is located in this corner tower of the medieval city fortifications in Pärnu. Built in the 15th century, the Red Tower – as it is known locally – is the former prison tower and a historic piece of the medieval city of Pärnu.

On the first floor you can see how the Red Tower may have looked in the 15th century according to historians, and learn about the history of the long-time city prison.

The next floor introduces “Uus-Pärnu”, another name for the small town of Livonia in the 16th century. The attic level hosts a new circular panoramic cinema, where you can watch a ten-minute animated film about local history, which is titled The Merciless and Merciful History. 15,000 years in the Red Tower.

The film shows the geographical changes in the location of the city and the development of the city, and the viewer finds themselves in the middle of significant and exciting historical events.

The exciting film, which covers more than 1,000 years in one minute, is best suited for a small group, as the hall accommodates up to ten visitors at a time.