Marko Poolamets. Kong 2

KGB Prison Cells in Tallinn

May history never repeat itself

The permanent exhibition of the KGB Prison Cells, History of the KGB house, gives visitors a look at the crimes against humanity carried out during the occupation in the building located at Pagari 1 in the Old Town of Tallinn. In March 1918, the Provisional Government of the Republic of Estonia operated in this building full of colorful history. The Estonian War of Independence was also led from there, and the Ministry of War of the Republic of Estonia operated there until 1940. In March 1991, before the restoration of independence, the Estonian police started working in the building.

Unfortunately, the past of this grand house also has a long, dark shadow: for half a century, Estonia’s KGB headquarters was located in this building and the basements were used as prison cells, which have remained a symbol of communist terror to this day.

The exhibition The History of the KGB house reveals the crimes committed in this building. The basement, with two corridors, six cells, and one lockup, opens its dark past before visitors.