Harju County Museum

The island of Keila River holds the history of Harjumaa

The Harju County Museum, which operates out of the former main building of Keila Manor presents the diverse history of Harju County, from ancient times to the present day.

The museum exhibits fascinating archaeological finds from the medieval fortress in Keila, and the Padise monastery. The Life in Harju permanent exhibition offers an overview of the daily working life and religion of the people of Harju.

In the Harju County Museum, you can also learn what a commutator is, and us it to listen to the life stories of famous residents of Harjumaa. You can also explore the huge cauldron found in 2003 during excavations of Padise monastery and find out what the special torpedoes built for smuggling spirits looked like.

There is a playroom for children in the Harju County Museum, where adults can also find nostalgic activities for themselves.

Orjakivi (the slave stone) with its dark legend, the ruins of a small medieval castle, and the picturesque winding Keila River with swimming spots, are also in the immediate vicinity of Keila manor.