Film Museum

Discover the secrets of films!

The Film Museum, located in the park of Maarjamäe Palace, introduces visitors to the filmmaking process and the history of Estonian cinema. To enter the Film Museum, a visitor walks along an impressive film alley covered with a “red carpet” in the palace park, where playful works of art tell the story of Estonian cinema.

The museum’s permanent exhibition, Take One, disassembles the filmmaking process and shares the secrets of filmmaking and filmmakers. At the exhibition, a visitor will find themselves in the world behind the camera and become familiar with the role of the script, shooting location, montage, lighting, and sound in a good film. It is also possible to hear the stories of several filmmakers.

The magical room of illusions will amaze visitors with its larger-than-life machines, all parts of which work toward a common goal – to turn a stationary image into a moving one.

Those interested can also try out the role of the filmmaker –anyone can make a short video or take part in a movie scene in the green screen studio.

The Maarjamäe History Center combines the Film Museum and Maarjamäe Palace.