Ahto Sooaru

Kolkja Museum of Old Believers

Historical journey into the world of Old Believers

Kolkja Museum of Old Believers tells the story of the Russian Old Believers along the shores of Lake Peipus. Questions are answered – why did they settle precisely on the shores of Lake Peipus, what are their customs, and why have they been growing onions in this particular way for centuries?

The museum’s first floor takes you back 130 years to the homes of the Old Believers of that time. You will get an idea of how short the beds were in the villages in the 19th century, what the iconostasis must look like, what a Russian stove was, and who could sleep on top of the stove.

The second floor is divided between the old and the new. Tools and household items represent the old, the purpose of which you can figure out. The story of the Old Believers is summarized through an animated film, and with the help of virtual reality, you can attend the Easter service at the Kolkja church.