Green museum

The PROTO Invention Factory

The magical world of inventions

The PROTO Invention Factory is the first educational VR center of its kind, and offers a novel and unique experience. An interactive fantasy world awaits visitors here. Great scientific discoveries from centuries ago are revealed – and unique prototypes are brought to life by the most modern VR technology. There are exciting and educational activities for both young and old.

In the PROTO Invention Factory, you can experience science in a completely new way, putting your skills as well as courage to the test. You can experiment and understand physical phenomena from a completely new angle. In PROTO, everyone can become an inventor: launch a rocket into space, compete in a biking race, and glide high over everyone’s heads! The magic of VR offers opportunities for exciting adventures in time and space, and lets visitors dive into the imagination of scientists of past times. Drill into the heart of the earth, race in a self-driving car, or explore the ocean floor.

You can buy a constructor, puzzle, experiment set or board game at the science store – suitable for all skills.