Tori Horse Breeding Farm Museum

A museum with horses, and treasures found from the attic

The oldest horse breeding farm in Estonia, which started operating in 1856, offers you a chance to visit the beautiful stables belonging to the majestic Tori manor and to have a look into the daily life of the horse farm.

The farm, in Tori, Pärnu County, still breeds Estonian and Tori horses. Additionally, you can also see draft horses and ponies at the farm.

In 2021, the exhibition Tori Attic was opened in the renovated stable complex. An attic is the place in a building where old items, ancient stories, and history find their home. However, dust does not cover the antiques and stories in the attic of the Tori Museum. Everything ancient is polished and exposed to the visitor. With all this, however, the feeling of the attic remains – this is a place where treasures and stories can be found.