Rakvere Town Citizen’s Home Museum

Come and see how people lived 100 years ago!

Is life without electricity, sewage, and the internet even possible? Craftspeople living in the 18th century could do without them.

The Rakvere Town Citizen’s Museum is not dedicated to a specific person but can be considered to be the museum of an “anonymous citizen”. The museum is located on one of the oldest streets in Rakvere. You can see what the living room, bedroom, dining room, and kitchen of a typical citizen looked like 100 years ago. You can also explore an apartment from the 1930s and a tailor’s workshop in the museum.

There is a shoemaker’s workshop in the courtyard of the museum, where you can learn shoemaking, as well as a washhouse, where you can explore how laundry was done without a washing machine.

In the museum, you will also hear an audio play, with the main characters being the long-time owner of the house and pastry master Adolf Sidron, his wife Anna Marie, and their daughters. On the other side of the house, the tailor awaits his guests, and the radio plays modern hit songs from the 1930s.