The Arvo Pärt Centre

A creative meeting place in silence

Estonian composer Arvo Pärt is one the best-known classical music composers in the world today, and one of the few composers in music history who has developed his own unique compositional technique, which he named tintinnabuli. This Latin word refers to bells; something pure and delicate. It is these ideals – silence, purity, clarity, and laconicity – that Pärt strives for in his work.

The Arvo Pärt Centre in Laulasmaa combines the composer’s personal archive with an information and music center dedicated to preserving and introducing his work. The center’s permanent exhibition, When you seek from almost nothing, takes visitors on a journey into Arvo Pärt’s world of thought to meet the composer’s reflections on silence, words, and sound, which were written down over the decades.

The Greek-style chapel in the courtyard is also open to visitors, and during the summer months, it is possible to climb up the spiral tower. From the top of which visitors can see the stunning views of Lahepera and Lohusalu bays, the harbor, and the Pakri peninsula with a wind farm.