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Maarjamäe Palace

The story of a free country

Maarjamäe Palace, managed by the Estonian History Museum, presents the permanent exhibition My free country, which takes visitors on a “century-long” journey from the birth of the Republic of Estonia in 1918 to the present day. Important events are revealed with the help of memories, objects, and film footage, and the exhibition rooms are set up to create the moods of the different periods. Through hands-on activities, the visitor can also participate in each period.

Children can have fun in Maarjamäe Palace in the playful Children’s Republic, where various fantastical objects tell them about the organization and functioning of a democratic country.

You can also see the Friendship of Nations mural in the summer hall of the palace, by Estonian artist Evald Okas. There are also a number of temporary exhibitions.

Maarjamäe Palace park includes an outdoor display of Soviet-era monuments and a playground in the shape of an Estonian map, where children can discover the history of Estonia in a playful way. There is also a picnic area in the palace park.

The Maarjamäe History Center also includes the Film Museum. The History Center was nominated for the best permanent exhibition in Estonia 2018 and for the European Museum of the Year 2021 award.