Kehra ajaloo ekspositsioon_1. Anne Tanne foto

The Kehra Museum

Learn about the role of the Kehra region in the Estonian War of Independence

The Kehra Museum has two permanent exhibitions – one introduces the breakthrough battles of the Estonian War of Independence in early 1919 and the role of armored trains in the battle. The second exposition reflects the history of Kehra through products made or used there or that belonged to famous locals. Paintings by local hobby artists depict places that have changed forever. Around 700 historical photos of Kehra can be viewed on the digital device.

The Kehra Museum is located in an old railway station, which was built in 1897. A commemorative plaque was installed on the station building in 1996, saying that there was no retreat from that point during the War of Independence.

The museum, opened in February 2018, is easily accessible by foot, bike, car, and train. It also has a cafe.