Karilatsi vabaõhumuuseum

Karilatsi Open Air Museum

Experience the farm and school life in an authentic village setting

The Karilatsi Open Air Museum is located on the historic postal route of Old Võromaa and is the largest open-air museum in Southern Estonia.

The museum introduces the rural culture of the northern part of Old Võromaa, the history and development of the historical administrative division of Võrumaa, and the history of education in Southern Estonia.

The museum is located on the territory of the municipal center, built more than 100 years ago, where the original village schoolhouse, teachers’ house with outbuildings, courthouse, municipal building, storage house, and barn have been preserved.

You can experience moments of old-time school life and farm work and learn about simple daily work and household tools. In the main building of the museum, the Karilatsi school house, the On the way to school permanent exhibition presents the history of education in Southern Estonia.