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The Heavy Artillery Hall of the Estonian War Museum

A new home for the tank from Narva

The Heavy Artillery Hall of the Estonian War Museum displays a wide range of military equipment that was part of the armaments of different countries during the Second World War and during the Cold War. The tank from Narva T-34/85 has also found its place in the hangar. Another similar one is located near the main building of the Estonian War Museum and is a donation from the Polish Army Museum.

Many other objects were donated by the Finnish War Museum, but there are also vehicles used by the Estonian Defense Forces. You can see howitzers and cannons, as well as light infantry guns, anti-tank guns, and anti-aircraft guns.

In addition, an exhibition about the mission of the Estonian Defense Forces in Afghanistan has been opened in the Heavy Artillery Hall. Its centerpiece is the sauna, still in working order, which the Estonians built for themselves in Camp Bastion, a base camp in Helmand province.The Heavy Artillery Hall is open from May to October and may be available at other times for pre-booked groups only.