The Wittenstein Time Center

Go through the history of Estonia on an elevator!

Wittenstein, an interactive time center, built in the tower on Vallimägi Hill in Paide Vallimägi, is a family experience center in the heart of Estonia. An elevator, which has been given the role of time machine, takes visitors on a journey through the history of Estonia.

Traveling through the tower’s nine floors and eight historical periods, the time traveler can learn about the pre-historic times in Estonia, sit at a dinner table with a bailiff from medieval times, pass a witch test, and take a ride on a postman’s carriage from the 19th century. On the floor of the Republic of Estonia (pre-WWII), you can walk along the city promenade. On the floor dedicated to the period of Soviet occupation you are taken from the end of WWII to the re-independent Estonia of the 90s.

The time travel experience is complete with sound and light effects as well as video clips. These interactive exhibits offer a lot of excitement to time travelers of all ages.