Mart Saar Museum

Music born in bogs and forests

The museum of the composer Mart Saar, located in Hüpassaare, in the middle of the forests and bogs of Soomaa National Park in Viljandi County, presents the life and work of one of Estonia’s best-known choral composers. The museum, located in a house in the middle of nature fascinates with silence, birdsong, and misty sunrises.

Many of Mart Saar’s works were created right there, in the middle of Soomaa’s inspiring nature.

After the composer’s death, the museum was founded in his house in Hüpassaare.

The entire first floor, including the kitchen, is open for visitors, and there is a guest room on the second floor, where you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. In the museum, you can get to know the life and work of Mart Saar, either individually or as a guided tour.

The Hüpassaare nature trail of Soomaa National Park is also near the museum.