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Mihkli Farm Museum in Saaremaa

It’s so nice at Mihkli!

The Mihkli Farm Museum in Saaremaa is one of the most unique museums in Estonia – a complete farm complex, typical to Western Saaremaa, developed over the course of eight generations of one family. There are plenty of items and tools that were made or used by the residents of the same farm.

Mihkli Farm is one of the oldest households in Viki village. The first written reports about the family that lived there date back to 1711. In 1959, the last owner of the farm, Jakob Reht, handed over the farm complex with most of the preserved ethnographic items to the then Saaremaa Folklore Museum for free, remaining as the first employee of the newly created farm museum.

The Mihkli Farm includes a dwelling house, a carriage house, a threshing house, a smokehouse, two barns, a forge/summer kitchen, and an animal barn.

Today, the Mihkli Farm Museum has also expanded to the territory of the former neighboring farm. There is a holiday house with a sauna, a windmill, a village swing, a bonfire spot, and a wooden meadow. It is possible to stay overnight in camping tents or in the shelter. Grilling equipment, tables, and benches are available.