Joseph Dunnigan

The Banned Books Museum

Sanctuary of Forbidden Books

The Banned Books Museum exhibits banned, censored, and burnt books worldwide. The museum aims to equip people with the ability to recognize literary censorship and thereby elevate public discourse on censorship, propaganda, and freedom of speech.

The collection comprises 350 books from 100 different countries. The books are displayed in sections according to countries/regions, and each book is accompanied by explanatory text providing a brief overview of the context of its banning.

As the banning and censoring of books continue to be relevant worldwide, the collection is continuously expanded with fresh examples. The museum has also received book donations from persecuted writers.

The museum believes in the free exchange of ideas. Therefore, visitors are encouraged to enter with a readiness to engage with material they may personally disagree with or consider viewpoints that may even be offensive.

Note! Holders of the Museum Card can see books from the secret section of the collection that are not publicly exhibited.