Take a children-friendly museum tour away from the big cities!

You and your family have a day off ahead, but you’re short of ideas on how to spend it? If you have already visited the family-centric museums around Tallinn and Tartu, we invite you to discover more family-friendly museums outside of these bigger cities. An exciting trip is guaranteed!

Every family who has read at least one of Astrid Lindgren’s books should visit Haapsalu. The illustrator of Lindgren’s books, the Estonian Ilon Wikland, was born in this lovely town. Ilon’s Wonderland is a center dedicated to her work, where you can admire the originals of her beloved illustrations, learn about the artist’s life, peek into Karlsson’s room, and spend time in the cozy playroom. In the summer, the Ilon’s Wonderland Garden is also open, as well as a craft workshop, where you can make crafts from paper and wood.

Alternatively, you can also head towards Eastern Estonia, where you will also find even more family activities. In Eastern Estonia, Rakvere Castle is the most popular destination! When visiting Rakvere Castle, children and adults can learn a lot about life in the Middle Ages and early modern times, as well as about daily castle life. Children can get a peek at what it was like to be a knight or warrior.

Another place beloved by children in Rakvere is the Police Museum. Every child who has dreamed of becoming a police officer can learn more about this profession here. And even for those without such a dream, you can still learn a lot! Like, for example, how to behave in traffic. Children can also enjoy many activities in the museum’s courtyard.

However, there is even more for children to discover in Eastern Estonia. The Kalevipoeg Museum and the Palamuse O. Luts Parish School Museum are located in Jõgeva County. These museums are especially suitable for school children, because they teach visitors about two important books in Estonian cultural history – the national epic Kalevipoeg, and Kevade (The Spring) a novel by Oskar Luts. At Palamuse, children can learn about school life in the olden days. While, in the Kalevipoeg museum, you can get into a virtual reality fight with the Old Devil – Vanapagan – himself!

In fact, as all Estonian museums warmly welcome children, you can drive in any direction in Estonia to find different knowledge and experiences for kids of all ages. It is also significant that a visit to a museum is always a good choice if the weather is not the best, keeping in mind the Estonian climate.