Kalevipoja muuseum, Indrek Susi

The Kalevipoeg Museum

Come fight the Old Devil!

In the Kalevipoeg Museum in Jõgeva County, you can discover the legends from the Estonian national epic, Kalevipoeg.

You can experience the most important events of the epic in a playful way: go on a journey with a big ship called Lennuk or embody Kalevipoeg and have a virtual reality fight with the Old Devil (Vanapagan).

The exhibition presents works of art inspired by the stories of Kalevipoeg. The museum also displays numerous editions of the epic, published over the decades, from Estonia and elsewhere in the world. The national epic can also be listened to via audiobook.

In the Kalevipoeg Museum, you’ll find puzzle-like tasks for the older children and hands-on activities for the youngest visitors. There is also a playground and adventure park for visitors.