Do you know what is “staycation”?

Usually, when we travel abroad, we visit museums. But what if you would explore a local museum in your hometown instead of seeing the Louvre and Tate Modern?

Let us introduce you to the novel term “staycation,” which combines the words “stay” and “vacation.” It means spending leisure time and discovering attractions in your local environment without significant expenses or travel plans.

The Museum Card invited well-known museum enthusiasts to Tallinn’s Old Town to show what a domestic staycation could look like.

At the Photo Museum, we took pictures of buildings, towers, and even ourselves using coffee cans. We took pictures just as it was done with the predecessor of a camera, the camera obscura, and then we developed the photographic paper inside the canister.

We explored what prevented Estonia from becoming a kingdom in The Great Guild Hall.

Karli Saul

At the Tallinn City Life Museum‘s exhibition “Immoral Tallinn,” we gained an overview of the immoral intimate lives of Tallinn residents from the 15th century to World War II. The day ended at the rooftop café of The Museum and Visitor Centre of Fat Margaret, offering a 360-degree view of Tallinn’s Old Town and the Fish Harbor.

If such a tour seems interesting to you, you can participate in the next Museum Card staycation, which will take place on Thursday, July 6th, from 11:00 to 14:30. Please note that this event is in Estonian! For more information and tickets, please visit the Piletikeskus.