Take your children to the museums of Tartu!

No matter what age your children are – you will definitely find a wonderful museum in Tartu and its surrounding region. There is a lot to discover, both indoors and outdoors, and even the stars in the sky are part of the display.

When visiting Tartu with children, you cannot miss the Tartu Toy Museum in the old town. We were all once children, so the museum is also suitable for older youth and for adults to get nostalgic and to regale fellow visitors with their memories.

 The Estonian Sports and Olympic Museum is located within walking distance of the Tartu Toy Museum, where sports lovers of all ages can find plenty of new knowledge and activities. Here, you can get to know Estonian sports heroes and, for example, try various extreme sports in virtual reality.

It often happens that children are able to look at the world from a broader perspective than adults and express curiosity in what lies beyond the planet Earth. The Tartu Observatory is a unique place where children can learn about astronomy, geodesy, and seismology. And, of course, any adult who visits with their children will also inevitably become fascinated by these sciences.