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Icelandic superstar Shoplifter opened a new exhibition in Estonia!

We invite you to Kai Art Center, where the monumental installation ‘Hyperweb’ by Icelandic superstar artist Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir, also known as Shoplifter, has just opened. The installation is specially created for Kai Art Center.

Shoplifter’s exhibitions have been described as hairy fairy-tale forests and hair cathedrals. These humorous and magical installations bring joy to both young and adult visitors and have made her an international art superstar.

Hair, both natural and synthetic, is the artist’s preferred material and a passionate object of attention. “I like working with a material that is not considered valuable enough for art. However, I manipulate it in a way that results in unique pop art pieces. The Kai Srt Center with its high ceiling was very inspiring for me, so I decided to create a new artwork for the Estonian audience. The hair cathedral in the former submarine factory has been one of the most exciting challenges for me,” commented Shoplifter.

The creation of the artwork was a team effort, because the preparation of the fur mass by color took three months – a whole group of assistants and volunteers worked on it in the artist’s studio in Reykjavik. The artist follows the principle of sustainability when working with hair, and for each new exhibition, she recycles previous materials.

The exhibition will be open until November 26, and admission is free with a Museum Card!

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Photos: Aron Urb