Mulgi Experience Center

The essence of Mulgi culture

The Mulgi Experience Center is located in Mulgimaa on the grounds of the former Sooglemäe farm, spanning seven hectares. The center opens the door to the essence of the Mulgi people and Mulgi heritage culture, presented in a contemporary and attractive manner.

The exhibition in the manor house answers questions about who the Mulgi people are and whether one becomes a Mulgi or is born as one. It introduces the local language, cuisine, traditional clothing, and the most famous Mulgi individuals. You will also discover how the Mulgi people became successful and prosperous.

In the glass gallery built around the stable building, there is a timeline of Mulgimaa, showcasing the most significant events from the first Mulgi individuals to the present day and even predictions for the future. Alongside interactivity, the original buildings and environmental elements have been preserved.

In addition to exploring the indoor exhibitions, we recommend venturing outdoors, where walking paths and a picnic area await, along with information about the farm’s outbuildings and Mulgi beliefs.