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Children’s Museum Miiamilla

Give your child their very first museum experience!

In the Children’s Museum Miiamilla, young visitors get their first acquaintance with a museum environment. The main exhibition, World Space of Children, is primarily intended for children between the ages of 3 to 5, but also offers activities for children up to 8 years of age. Through playful activities, children are taught to cope with their feelings, understand other people, perceive their surroundings, and summon their creativity. The central theme of the exhibition is empathy towards oneself, the people nearby, and the living environment. The most important environments for children are set up in the museum: a safe room of one’s own, i.e. the inner world; the surrounding environment, i.e. the outside world; and a fantasy world with playful forms and colors.

The temporary exhibition enables children to look inside conflicts and quarrels and to make efforts to find consensus and solutions. In the courtyard of the museum, the history of the building is presented and playful activities are organized.

On weekends and during school holidays, it is necessary to book tickets in advance. Find more information here.