A.H. Tammsaare muuseum Vargamäel

A. H. Tammsaare Museum in Vargamäe

Reality and fiction intertwine in Vargamäe

The Vargamäe Museum, located in the heart of Estonia in Järva County, is a national sanctuary for Estonians; where reality and fiction are perpetually intertwined.

The museum is the birthplace of writer A. H. Tammsaare, which inspired him to write his pentalogy Truth and Justice.

While visiting the museum, you can learn about the writer’s cultural and literary heritage, and search for similarities between the novel and the writer’s birthplace. In addition, the Tammsaare Museum in Vargamäe provides an overview of 19th-century farm life in Järva County. Visitors can see a threshing house, a barn, a smoke house, a storage building, a stable, and the residential house of the writer’s brother August, the heir to the family, where the museum’s permanent exhibition is located.