The Ice Age Centre

Come and have an ice age adventure

The Ice Age Center, on the shore of Saadjärve lake in Tartu County, is a unique experience center in the entire Baltic region. You can see life-sized prehistoric animals, meet the most famous inhabitant of the Ice Age Center – the mammoth, and gain exceptional insight on how the nature of the world and Estonia has developed over the millennia.

The exposition also looks at the future and the role of humans in climate change. Is another ice age coming in the future?

Children visiting the Ice Age Center can find an exciting play cave, where they can make archaeological excavations, complete cave drawings, play with ice age animals, and watch the Välek Vibulane (Son of the Eagle Cave) cartoon. There is also a snow cave on the first floor, where you can visit a bear den, see the insects and animals that live in the snow, and experience all of the winter life that exists under a carpet of snow.

Older children can explore the Ice Age Center by themselves with the help of various games.