3. Korsi talu 2

Ruhnu Museum

Life of the Islanders Through Centuries

At the Ruhnu Museum, you can explore approximately three hundred tools and household items that once belonged to the people of Ruhnu, along with photos and texts about the island’s unique history and nature.

Among the rarer exhibits are quartz tools dating back around 8000 years, a dragon-shaped weather vane from 1644 that once adorned the wooden church, and a seal gun crafted by indigenous Swedes.

The Korsi Longhouse is the only Ruhnu-Swedish reed-thatched farmhouse in the entire world. Dating back to the 17th century, dendrochronological analysis dates the northern part to 1686. The building stretches approximately 43 meters in length and 8 meters in width.

In addition to the longhouse, the farm complex includes log and thatched-roof outbuildings: barns, granaries, a pigsty, and a root cellar. The buildings are arranged around a rectangular courtyard typical of Ruhnu, with the root cellar located east of the longhouse, slightly away from the central courtyard.

Furthermore, on the edge of the forest near the stone wall, there is a smoke sauna, which was used jointly by several farmsteads.