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Estonian War Museum

The right place for war – in a museum

The Estonian War Museum is located on the border of Tallinn, in the Viimsi manor that belonged to the Commander of the Estonian War of Independence, General Johan Laidoner. The permanent exhibition of the museum takes you on a journey through the wars that Estonia and Estonians have had to fight throughout history, starting from ancient times and ending with the foreign missions of the Estonian Defense Forces. The newest part of the exposition introduces the creation and operation of Estonian national defense before the Second World War and after regaining independence. In the Estonian War Museum, you can visit the General’s office, climb into the bushwhacker’s winter shelter, and see a real tank, not to mention a large number of weapons. There is a playroom for children, complete with tools to build a fortress, small replicas of military uniforms, and toy weapons.

The Heavy Artillery Hall, located in a short distance from the main building of the War Museum, is open from May to October, and offers a large selection of cannons and military vehicles used in the 20th century.