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The Tallinn TV Tower joined the Museum Card!

From May 2, 2023, all Museum Card holders can visit for free the museum with arguably the best view in Estonia – the Tallinn TV Tower!

The Tallinn TV Tower is the highest building in Estonia – the height of the tower is 314 meters. Regardless of the season, the TV Tower offers a great viewing experience, and in good weather you can see the land border of Finland 80 kilometers away from the tower.

The Tallinn TV Tower belongs to the prestigious World Federation of Great Towers. If the tallest tower in the world is the 828-meter Burj Kalifa in Dubai, the Tallinn TV Tower is the 19th highest among the 40 towers of the association and also the tallest open building in Northern Europe.

The Tallinn TV tower was built in 1980 for the Moscow Summer Olympics. Today, the tower provides an all-Estonian communication connection, you can explore several exhibitions there and enjoy wonderful views from the 21st floor of the tower.

The historical exhibition on the second floor tells about the construction of the TV tower and the early morning of August 21, 1991, when the Russian paratroopers tried to occupy the tower. The exhibition “Radios of our dreams” introduces receivers from the collection of the Estonian Broadcasting Museum. These were the dream radios of Estonians, which were kept like family members.

Since there may be a queue to visit the TV Tower on the weekend, book a visit to in advance by calling +372 5911 9335 or writing to teletorn@teletorn.ee and mention that you are a Museum Card holder.

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