Carrying poles from Vormsi

Carrying poles are a tool for carrying water. While in other parts of Estonia, straight-shaped arched poles were used, these Vormsi carrying poles were custom-made specifically for one man’s wife. Made precisely according to her shoulders and neck. Thanks to the ergonomic shape, the woman did not have to hold the carrying poles with her hands as these sat comfortably on her shoulders. According to legends, this allowed studious Vormsi women to carry on knitting
while carrying water – a knitting bag, bindbongen, was always with them.

In the coastal area and islands of Estonia, it was women who carried out all the farm work. It was the same on Vormsi island, where all household work, including carrying water for the family and livestock, was a woman’s task.

Farms in Vormsi were located in a scattered village, in the middle of which a well was established. Carrying poles were more needed when water was carried from the village well, but they also facilitated the carrying of water when wells were built in farmyards.

Location: The Vormsi Farm Museum

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Pearse talu, Sviby, Vormsi