The oldest beer in the world

Produced more than 150 years ago and having survived a shipwreck, A. Le Coq Imperial Extra Double Stout is the world’s oldest beer. 

This strong surface fermentation beer was first brewed in London and then in Tartu, in 1912, specifically for the Russian market and the Russian imperial court. In 1869, this particular bottle of beer was on the ship Oliva en route from London to Russia when a strong storm suddenly ended the ship’s journey. More than a hundred years later, Norwegian divers discovered the shipwreck with its cargo of beer on the seabed. One of these sealed bottles found its way to the Tartu A. Le Coq Beer Museum.

Location: The A. Le Coq Beer Museum

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A. Le Coq Beer Museum

Discover the story of beer! A. Le Coq Beer Museum takes visitors on a journey to see, hear, taste, and…

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