On this page you can buy a Museum Card as a gift or activate the Museum Card you received as a gift.

Buy a Museum Card as a gift!

Surprise your friend with an amazing gift they can enjoy the whole year round!

59 €

Activate a Museum Card that was received as a gift

Please fill in the purchase form, insert the code from the gift card, and click the Confirm button. We will send a digital Museum Card to your email address.

Frequently asked questions

Go to the page “Buy a Museum Card” and select “Buy a Museum Card as a gift”. You will receive a digital gift card with a code that the recipient of the gift should use to activate their Museum Card.

You can also buy a Museum Card in a gift envelope from selected museum shops across Estonia.

In order to activate the Museum Card, you need to go to our website and insert your contact details and gift card number. After that, we will send a digital Museum Card and QR code to your email address.